Mecplast, biodegradable bags production

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Mecplast, from 1972 to your service

Founded in 1972. Mecplast is distinguished by the production of flexible packaging, compostable bags, fruit rolls, compostable NU bags and other food packaging.

With the birth of G.D.O. and D.O., the company began to invest by renewing production departments, reaching a high quality standard today, able to meet any demand.

In the mid-2000s Mecplast began producing shoppers with compostable materials – UNI EN13432 compliant – obtaining certifications from international bodies such as Vin-otte and CSI spa.

Mecplast, compostable bags production

Continuous production allows Mecplast a production capacity of more than 400 million bags per year.

The company is spread over an area of about 10,000 square meters, within which the production department is structured in 3 extrusion lines, 5 lines printed up to a maximum of 6 colors and 7 welding lines up to 5 tracks.

All the plants are of very recent construction.




Mecplast certifications

Mecplast for the environment

Mecplast Srl has always been environmentally conscious. Since the 1990s, with the creation of the Pentalene material, we have reduced the weight of the individual packaging, maintaining the characteristics of the packaging, reducing the quantities of plastic intended for the end consumer. With the advent of compostable materials, the 2000s, Mecplast has been certified to produce shoppers that comply with the EN 13432:2000 standard (bioshopper) and immediately sponsored these next-generation items to its customers, with comforting results. The certification achieved with the leading European company Vincotte underlines Mecplast Srl’s focus on the production of shoppers who must always comply with European environmental protection regulatory requirements (biodegradability and composting, specifically).


Tel:39 019 881888

Fax: .39 019 883666

Via Briano, 6 A/r – 17047 – Valleggia – SV – ITALY