Mecplast Italia, Biodegradable Bags Factory.

Mecplast  is a factory specializes in the production of biodegradable bags. Our company has a continuous production capacity, 24/7. All this allows us to produce over 400 million biodegradable bags per year.

The production facilities, technologically advanced, allow to take care of the quality of our products, in order to meet all the needs of our qualified customers.

production of biodegradable bags

3 extrusion lines

5 print lines up to 6 colors


All the plants are of very recent construction. And that’s why Mecplast employs specialized technicians in every production department with decades of experience in the role. The staff of Mecplast Srl are made up of about 30 people.

The machines in Mecplast are equipped with the most sophisticated electronic production control devices (particularly thicknesses, weights) and state-of-the-art scales for additional control at the end of the production line. Thanks to these machines, the annual production of biodegradable bags is about 10,000 tons.

Mecplast, italian biodegradable bags factory

Mecplast is one of the largest factory of biodegradable plastic bags. What has always distinguished us is the professionalism, speed and competence in our industry. In addition to this, the quality of the raw materials that are used in the production of biodegradable bags. All the components we use to make our products are chosen with the utmost care and attention to ensure the best product for our customers. 

Our production chain is constantly under scrutiny to improve quality and quantitative performance. 


The extrusion department consists of 3 recently built high-tech and productivity extrusion lines for the production of hdpe, mdpe and compost-compliant compostable biofilm en 13432.


The warehouse storage is managed in 5 different facilities and this allows the company to continuously monitor the stocks of individual references and be therefore quick and accurate in deliveries to our customers


The printing department of the mecplast includes 5 print lines up to 6 colors in order to realize and optimize the characteristics of the logos that are entrusted to us by our customers. Mecplast also boasts of the collaboration with a renowned graphics agency that allows us to obtain custom logos to meet the needs of each customer.

Finished product

Compostable Shoppers, BIOBASED Compostable Fruit Rolls, BIOBASED Compostable Food Envelopes, Compostable N.U. Bags, Shopper HDPE/MDPE/LDPE 60-100 micron non-food use.

Welding machine

The mecplast welding department consists of 7 next-generation welding lines, up to 5 tracks with a top speed of 330 cycles per minute.


Mecplast Ltd. relies on the collaboration of leading national and international logistics groups able to cover all Italian regions in certain times. In order to meet the particular needs of customers, with a view to a precise service aimed at maintaining and consolidating relations with customers, we have entered into an agreement with an express courier able to deliver in 24 hours throughout the territory also hundreds of thousands of shoppers


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Via Briano, 6 A/r – 17047 – Valleggia – SV – ITALY