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Food biodegradable bags

UNI EN 134332: 2002

Mecplast manufactures bags for biodegradable foods according to UNI EN 13432: 2002, TUV Austria certified, DIN CERTCO and by C.S.i. for uni 11415:2011 (high bag performance). Food packaging can be made 50 biobased, depending on the current law of the applicant country. Our biodegradable food bags are used in fruit and vegetable, gastronomy and fish departments. What has always distinguished us is the quality of the raw material with which our products are made. In fact, we have developed biodegradable food bags with great load resistance performance. All this has allowed us to position ourselves as one of the companies in the sector with the highest quality standards.

The company’s logistics organization allows us to deliver the product throughout Europe on time.

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production of biodegradable bags
Biodegradable food shoppers

Rolls Compostable fruit and vegetables EN 13432

Biobased 50 as from D.L. No. 123 of 03/08/17

BUSTE – 11th PIEGATURA to C35×55 200 S TEAR12 ROLL x 200 PCS. (2400 PCS)1280 Ct (40-40)
SHOPPER – 11th22-6-6×50 250 S TEAR6 ROLL x 250 PCS. (1500 PCS)1180 Ct (40-40)
SHOPPER – 11th22-6-6×60 200 S TEAR6 ROLL x 200 PCS. (1200 PCS)1180 Ct (40-40)
SHOPPER – 11th30-10-10X60 200 S RIPES5 ROLL x 200 PCS. (1000 PCS.)1180 Ct (40-40)

COMpostable envelopes A RESASON for food EN13432

Biobased 50 thick 11th

Biodegradable food-ripped envelopes

14-3-3×30-31,86200011192 Ct (96-96)
17th and 4th 4×35-32,57100011240 Ct (120-120)
20-4-4×40-33,39100011240 Ct (120-120)
22-5-5×45-34,06100011136 Ct (68-68)
25-5-5×50-34,9350011240 Ct (120-120)
28-5-5×60-36,6750011192 Ct (96-96)

Biodegradable food roll envelopes

We produce food bags in biodegradable roll that are intended for the packaging and takeaway of foods such as vegetables, fruits and legumes, fish products and cured meats. Our production is able to meet the needs of our customers in terms of quantity and quality.

Obtained from extrusion of biodegradable raw material, roll food bags are intended for food sectors, with thicknesses and sizes varying according to the needs of the customer company. Our food bag rolls are preserved and packed ensuring maximum compatibility with the food industry to which they are intended.

Mecplast stands out for a high level of technology, a continuous search for innovative solutions and a constant training of our staff. All this allows us to provide and offer the end customer biodegradable food bags in roll of high quality standard.


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